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Where’s Phil? Right Now, He Is At Boone Drug at Deerfield, So Stop By and See Him!

On this bright and beautiful sunny morning, Phil has taken a trip over to the Boone Drug at Deerfield. Here, he has already met multiple smiling faces and open welcoming arms as he is being supported toward his goal of flushing out poverty in the community. 

Poverty is more serious than most people realize, resulting in families losing homes, going hungry and missing out on opportunities that those who aren’t suffering from poverty take for granted. Nobody should have to worry about trying to get out of poverty on their own, and that is exactly why Phil came all the way here from New York! That’s also why he is asking all of us to step up and support those who make up our friends, families and neighbors. We all call the same place home. 

So, stop on by Boone Drug at Deerfield and say hello to the friendly and helpful staff there. Oh, and don’t forget, Phil loves meeting new people too, and you can make donations directly to his cause by placing money straight in his toilet bowl (don’t worry, it’s completely clean!)

Check back tomorrow to see where Phil ends up!

It’s bright and early in the morning, but Phil loves working when he gets to work with incredible people like those at Boone Drug at Deerfield!
Phil is having a great time at Boone Drug at Deerfield! Stop by and see him, he’d love to meet you and work with you to flush out poverty!