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Where’s Phil? Phil Takes a Break to Thank Everyone Who Has Helped Him So Far

Phil Flushing came all the way from New York to flush out poverty in our community, one business at a time. Since he has been here, he has known nothing but support, encouragement and welcoming arms. 

Throughout his stay, Phil has visited numerous businesses, all who have given their entire effort to work alongside him to better our community and decrease the poverty rate. 

Phil and WAMY extend their sincerest gratitude to all of the businesses who have worked so hard with them throughout the entire month of May, and also to everyone who is still planning on helping him up until the day that he leaves!

On Sunday, June 4, WAMY will be hosting a kickball tournament that Phil will be at! The We Can So You Can Foundation and WAMY Charity Kickball Tournament, “Kickin’ It For the Kids,” will take place at the Watauga County Complex Fields from 1 – 6 p.m. Teams will consist of 9 players. Registration can be completed at the WAMY Boone office, which includes a fee of $180 ($20 per person). 

Proceeds from the tournament will go towards scholarships for WAMY’s summer programming, Mountain Adventures Summer Day Camp! This camp is a 10 week program for High Country youth that provides them with the opportunity to explore and learn in a safe and supportive environment. 

Everyone is welcome to come out and attend the tournament, and general admission tickets are donation based and can be found in person on the day of the event! Come out and help give back to the community in a great and exciting way!

Phil will be there, ready to play some kickball for the kids in the High Country! Come on by and see him and join in the festivities! 

For more information, check out the kickball tournament’s Facebook page