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Where’s Phil? He’ll Be at the Toilet Bowl Party at High Country Bowling Lanes This Sunday!

You heard it here first, folks! Phil is preparing for his travels to come meet us all in the High Country!

By Katie Benfield 

The day has finally come! Phil is almost here!

On Sunday, Apr. 30, from 2-5 p.m., WAMY Community Action Inc. will be hosting a welcoming party for Phil Flushing at the High Country Bowling Lanes. This Toilet Bowl Party is the best way to greet Phil and let him know how welcome he is in our community before he begins his hard work to flush out the poverty in our area!

“A toilet is like poverty,” Phil Flushing said. “Everyone knows it exists, but nobody wants to talk about it!”

Phil will be making his first appearance at this event to raise awareness about poverty in our community, and everyone who attends is welcome to stop by and say hello, and even more exciting, everyone is welcome to take a picture with him. Phil is incredibly fond of having his picture taken (since he is such a handsome toilet!), especially with other people, so snap a photo with him at this event and send it to High Country Press for Phil’s very own scrapbook of his time helping the High Country!

“It’s going to be a fun, family-friendly event where everyone can come out and welcome Phil to our community,” Ashley Cook, Development Director of WAMY, said. “He can’t wait to meet everyone!”

The very next day, May 1, is when Phil will be making his first appearance in front of a business somewhere in the county. He will be making various appearances at numerous businesses throughout his month long stay with us, and we are all ecstatic about where he’s going to end up first!

Remember, if you’re a business, there is a possibility you’ll drive up to see Phil waiting to greet you in the front of your business any day. If you pay $75, Phil gets to move on to another business (one of your choosing!), and if you pay $100, you are exempt from ever having to see Phil’s handsome, grinning face again in front of your business. 

If you or someone you know has an idea of a business that Phil should visit, go tell him about it on his Facebook page! He can’t wait to hear from you. 

Don’t forget or miss out on the chance to be a part of this Toilet Bowl Party on Sunday and all the change that Phil is going to help us make in the High Country!

Tickets are $10, and they include 2 games of bowling and shoe rental. 50% of the proceeds go directly back into WAMY Community Action Inc. to help support the organization to continue to help and improve the lives of our home’s residents. You can purchase tickets the day of the event or you can grab them at the WAMY office. Call 828-264-2421.