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Where’s Phil? Heads Up, He Camped Out at CoBo Yesterday!

Thanks to WAMY and Phil, the High Country is one step closer to ridding our community of the poverty that is plaguing our friends and neighbors!

Phil Flushing finished his work at Footsloggers on Monday, thanks to an overwhelming cooperation from the Footslogger staff. It was a wonderful, productive and helpful first visit of Phil’s during his stay with us through the month of May. 

Yesterday, he made his move from Footsloggers to CoBo, where he was welcomed with open arms and an outpouring support of his mission to flush out poverty. Each business Phil visits, he raises more and more money toward the overall goal of getting poverty out of our community – because poverty stinks!

Don’t forget, you too can donate directly to Phil by visiting each of these businesses with him and placing your money right into Phil’s toilet bowl! Each dollar counts, and Phil is overjoyed and ecstatic to receive visitors during his stay. 

Keep checking back with us as we document his travels and all of his hard work to help benefit the High Country!

CoBo staff poses with Phil as he camps out at their business to take a stand against poverty!
Jamie Schaller and Jacob Swanger hang out with Phil as he raises money to flush out poverty.