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Where’s Phil? He Got Clogged at Appalachian Rhythm!

Today, Phil took a trip to Appalachian Rhythm, where he got totally clogged!

The dance studio offers clogging classes for everyone, regardless of skills or learning speeds. At Appalachian Rhythm, everyone is treated like family, and that includes Phil!

He was welcomed with dancing feet and a hopping Appalachian rhythm when he appeared at the dance studio, and the whole dance class helped him bust a move as he worked towards raising money to flush out poverty in the High Country. 

Even though poverty stinks, the dance moves of Phil and the other dancers at Appalachian Rhythm don’t! And neither does working towards raising money to put an end to poverty in our community. 

Keep your eyes out once more because Phil is going to be making even more appearances over the next month. Check back again tomorrow to see where his journey takes him, and let us know if you see him before we do!