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Where’s Phil? On Friday, He Hung Out at Watauga Building Supply Before a Weekend Off!

After busting a move at Appalachian Rhythm on Thursday, Phil Flushing danced on over to Watauga Building Supplies on Friday before taking the weekend off for some good times in the community!

Watauga Building Supply is family owned and operated, and has been serving the community since 1964. Their mission as a local business goes beyond providing quality building materials to their customers. They believe strongly in supporting organizations that work to better our community, and have always made it a priority to help anyone they can. From helping local families in need of a home, to donating materials to improve our community schools, Watauga Building Supply takes pride in serving our community and supporting local organizations. General Manager, Chris Gragg, is excited for the opportunity to support WAMY in their efforts to “Flush out Poverty”, and encourages everyone to come by Watauga Building Supply to donate to this worthy cause. 

Phil was ecstatic to be able to visit Watauga Building Supply, a company that has been so community rooted and involved for such a long time. Although he only got to spend a day with them, it was an amazing way to finish off his first week in the High Country where he is working every day with all of us to flush out poverty in our community. 

Check back on Monday to see what Phil did over the weekend during his time off and what business he will be visiting!

Phil hangs out with the guys at Watauga Building Supply on Friday before his week off!