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Where’s Phil? Don’t Miss Him, He’s at AJ’s Tire & Auto Right Now!

After finishing up his work at CoBo (and eating some delicious sushi before he left), Phil made his way over to AJ’s Tire & Auto to continue raising money and awareness of the poverty in our community. 

AJ”s Tire & Auto has been a huge supporter of WAMY Community Action Inc., and Phil is ecstatic that he gets to partner with them, even if it is just for a day!

According to Ashley Cook, the Development Director of WAMY, AJ’s has been such a blessing to the organization. WAMY works with impoverished families, and sometimes, the clients that they work with have car troubles or their cars break down. 

“So, for example, let’s say we have a single mother with two kids who is trying to go back to school or have a part time job. She is struggling to find child care, struggling to afford child care, and then her car breaks down,” Cook said. “We can send these clients to AJ’s, and we know that they are going to be treated right and their cars will be fixed so that they can continue to work towards getting out of poverty.”

Phil is currently hanging out with the staff of AJ”s, all of them working together to continuously fight against poverty. Visit Phil right now at AJ”s to meet him and donate some money towards flushing out poverty in the High Country!


Tomorrow, not even High Country Press knows where Phil will be. If you see him before we do, let us know by commenting on our post or sending us pictures of where he is! Keep your eyes open, and let’s see who finds him first!


Anthony Johnson (AJ), owner of AJ’s Tire & Auto, poses with Phil as they take on the task of flushing out poverty in the High Country.


Terry Weaver, Travis Weaver and Brian Shaffer of AJ”s Tire & Auto all hang out with Phil as they work together to flush out poverty once and for all!