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Where’s Phil? He Could Be Coming to See You Soon!

Phil is a well-to-do friendly toilet who is coming to the High Country from Flushing, NY, with the help and support of WAMY Community Action Inc. While in the High Country, Phil wants to make a difference in the community in regards to poverty and how that is affecting many of the residents here, but he needs your help!

Phil grew up as the oldest of two with a single mom who constantly worked as hard as she could to provide for the two of them. From firsthand experience, Phil understands that poverty stinks! He knows that it can make life more difficult than it has to be. He’s seen and experienced things that nobody ever should have to because of poverty, and he has made it his personal mission to help those in this community who are going through the same things he did. 

During his stay in Watauga County, Phil will be visiting a variety of businesses. When he visits, he will camp out in the yard of each business until that business can donate $75 to him in order to remove him from the premises and choose who he surprises next.

If the business decides to pay $100,  then that business becomes exempt from the game and will not be seeing Phil’s friendly face back in its yard!

So, be careful if you’re a business — any other business can send Phil to you anytime it wants to unless you pay the extra $25, so strategize and plan! Competition will get heated. 

High Country Press has partnered with WAMY in order to make Phil’s visit as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. He’s a hard-worker, and he just loves seeing people happy and working together to make the best change possible!

If, and probably when, you drive up to your business and see Phil greeting you from the yard, snap a picture with him and send it to us! Let’s make a difference together, one business and one dollar at a time. 

Take a second to visit Phil’s Facebook to say hey and let him know what businesses he has to make sure he visits while he’s here in the High Country!