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Where’s Phil? Believe It or Not, He’s Headed This Way!

Phil is headed to the High Country to help flush out poverty! Are you ready to welcome him all the way from Flushing, NY?

Poverty is a big issue throughout the High Country — a bigger issue than some might think. The local poverty rate for our area is 25.3%. While that number may seem relatively small compared to the remaining 74.7%, it means that more than one out of four people suffer from poverty in our community. 

Whether you see that number as alarming or not, poverty is something that the High Country needs to be aware of and needs to take a stand against in order to bring about change throughout our community. 

Phil is on his way here to help us do exactly that! With the help of WAMY Community Action, Inc., Phil and the rest of the community can work towards helping impoverished families become self-sufficient. In doing so, we can save the local government and tax payers an average $18,000 a year, while also helping to improve and save the lives of those in our community who are suffering from poverty. 

Be on the look out for Phil! He’ll be joining us soon, and he can’t wait to see everyone!