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Where Does Your Food Come From and Who Grows It? Find Out on the Farm Tour Saturday!

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Ready to find out where your food comes from and how it’s being grown? Join Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture on Saturday for the first installment of its ninth annual High Country Farm Tour.

Too often, when you ask children where food comes from, they say, “the grocery store.” It is time to re-establish the connection between consumers and farming before it’s completely lost, and Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture is working hard to bridge that gap.

The farm tour will give you a chance to learn about the local farmers who are behind the foods your family enjoys and to see firsthand where it comes from before it makes it to your table.

Participating farmers will be holding open houses for the public from 2-6 p.m. If you want to check them out, here’s how to get started:

  1. Purchase a pass.
  2. Choose three to four farms you want to visit and research an appropriate route using the above map.
  3. Pile your friends and family in the car and get started!

This weekend’s tour will give you a closer look at 12 participating farms in Ashe County, and a second tour will take you to 10 farms and five other related stops on July 18.

For the last eight years, the High Country Farm Tour has strengthened our local food system by:

  • Connecting producers and consumers.
  • Educating the public about sustainable food and agriculture.
  • Providing farmers with opportunities to increase their income.

This weekend, you’ll have a chance to see:

  • The Sustainable Development Teaching and Research Farm (608 Watertank Road in Fleetwood)
  • Elk Ridge Farm (1072 Laurel Creek Road in Todd)
  • Woodland Harvest Mountain Farm (639 Edwards Road in West Jefferson)
  • Waterfall Farm (415 Waterfall Mountain Road in Warrensville)
  • Faith Mountain Farm (489 Big Lauren Road in Creston)
  • Highland Meadows Cattle Co. (998 Virgil Greer Road in Lansing)
  • Old Orchard Creek (410 Swansie Shepherd Road in Lansing)
  • Zydeco Moon Form (2220 Big Helton Road in Grassy Creek)
  • Fishel Organic Farm (1461 John Halsey Road in Grassy Creek)
  • Landmark Farm Alpacas (1118 Landmark Church Road in Grassy Creek)
  • Heritage Homestead Goat Dairy (956 Roy Goodman Road in Crumpler)
  • Little Peak Creek Farm (2240 Little Peak Creek Road in Jefferson)


About Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture

Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture is proud to organize the 2015 High Country Farm Tour and to celebrate sustainable agriculture in the High Country.

BRWIA is an organization of farmers, gardeners and individuals in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee who are committed to helping create a sustainable food and farming system that protects the environment, builds the local economy, alleviates hunger and poverty and improves community health.

Along with creating opportunities to meet farmers during the farm tour, BRWIA programs include a farmer grant program, seasonal growing workshops, community educational programs and networking opportunities for farmers.

The best way to learn more about our work or to get involved is to get involved! Visit www.brwia.org or contact the group at info@brwia.org.

We hope you are inspired and educated by this tour and that you will support BRWIA in its efforts to create a sustainable future.

Questions? Contact Suzanne Fleishman at Suzanne@brwia.org or call 828-386-1537.