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WHAT’S GOING ON? With That 224-Foot Tall Crane at The Standard of Boone Site


The crane is 224-foot tall. Photos by Troy Brooks
The crane is 224-foot tall. Photos by Troy Brooks

By Troy Brooks

It’s a question that may have tickled your mind upon seeing the massive machine looming over the construction zone between Blowing Rock Road and Faculty Street. The crane rises 224 feet towards the sky and is ready to begin lifting garage panels for The Standard of Boone apartment complex.

The crane can lift up to 300 tons without buckling. This is strong enough to lift 40 African Elephants or even a blue whale, largest animal to exist on earth, which can weigh up to 200 tons.

The parking garage panels are 11 feet by 30 feet according to on-site construction workers. The panels will be arriving in about 2 weeks and the crane will lift them into position over the next month.

When asked about the public’s reaction to the crane, construction workers said that they had not yet received any complaints and they hope to keep it that way.

The Standard of Boone will feature a new set of luxurious off-campus apartments for students. The complex will feature 560 beds and an abundance of amenities, including fully-furnished rooms. Students will also be able to enjoy a rich and urban environment as the mixed-use complex features commercial space on the lower level fronting the busy boulevard.

The development began in February when Stonegate Developers purchased the property for $4,058,000 and began acquiring permits. Several old buildings including the Red Carpet Inn and the Scottish Inn were demolished to make way for the new complex.

Developers have estimated the total construction costs to be around $42 million.

The development is planned to open and begin leasing before the fall semester of 2016.

For more info about Standard of Boone, click to www.thestandardboone.com.