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West Jefferson Board of Adjustment Denies CUP for Tattoo Shop at Vaping Store

By Jesse Wood

West Jefferson Board of Adjustment denied a businessman’s attempt to open a tattoo shop at his current vaping operation, The Joy of Vaping, in Ashe County.

Mason Harris was seeking a conditional use permit for a tattoo shop because current zoning bans tattoo shops within town limits, but the board denied his request in a 4-1 vote, according to The Jefferson Post.

The paper reported that the members were against a tattoo shop on principle and quoted one of the board members, Lester Mullis, as saying, “We worked really hard for the town to get the way it is now. We felt it wasn’t what West Jefferson needed. We really couldn’t see that it would bring in that much revenue.”

Harris, meanwhile, said he was a clean-cut fellow who has given back to the community over the years. He added that he wouldn’t serve minors and would only use disposable needles.

“All I’m asking is for you to give the community a chance,” Harris said, according to The Jefferson Post. “Let them make the choice.”

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