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Well Known Local Artist Turns Published Author with His First Published Novel ‘Devil’s Mark’

June 17, 2013. In his 40-year tenure as an artist, professor and writer, Noyes Capehart has seen his share of inspiration. 

Capehart made his way up to the High Country in 1969 to spread his knowledge as a member of the faculty in the art department at Appalachian State University. Before settling down and finally retiring from the University, Capehart also taught at Auburn University in Alabama and the University of Mississippi. 

imgres-2Since the very beginning of his teaching career, Capehart has had a creative intuition that led him to his artistic endeavors, including countless paintings and other art pieces, some of which now reside in the Smithsonian, and numerous writing pieces. Though once known for his short stories and collections, Capehart has recently unveiled his newest literary accomplishment. 

His new novel, titled “Devil’s Mark”, a fictional work about stolen Nazi artwork, missing documents and the exposure of an art forgery empire. 

“At the center, I was inspired by my many trips to Italy, and by my background as an artist,” said Capehart. 

The road to publication, however, was not an easy one. Capehart spent many years writing pieces and looking for publication that he did not receive. To date, he has completed three other novels, numerous short stories as well as a novella, which remain yet unpublished. After years of hard work and dedication to his craft, he finally got the news he was looking for. 

Now, Capehart can add published author to his already lengthy list of career accomplishments. 

“Writing and painting are different processes, but the creative process for each is the same,” Capehart said. “At my heart, I am a creative person and I am so excited to have completed this new piece.”

Capehart already boasts a myriad of career accomplishments to date. He is an accomplished scholar, with degrees from both Auburn University and the University of Missouri. He has taught at three separate institutions, starting with Auburn University, the University of Mississippi at Oxford and finally ending his teaching career at Appalachian State University from which he retired in 1997. Capehart has also been featured in a segment on UNC-TV, which won an Emmy award. 

But it is his published novel that cements him a place among the small, select group of local published authors. 

Devil’s Mark is available on Amazon.com in print ($17.95) or in a convenient Kindle Edition ($7.99). Signed copies of the book are available from the author himself at his website here

For those who would like to take the opportunity to meet the author, Capehart is scheduled to appear for a book signing on June 22 during the highly anticipated High Country Festival of the Book in Boone.