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Welcome All Writers!

Graphic by Ashley Poore.

By Harley Nefe

Wednesdays will soon be known as Writing Tip Wednesdays at High Country Press as this new weekly column launches. 

Having a platform for all writers to come together and celebrate the complexities of the English language is what inspired this addition. In this space, commonly misused words and phrases will be explored, different pronunciations and meanings will be discussed, and general tips and advice will be shared.

Why? Because everyone is a writer. 

In a world where boundaries of expression know no limits, the definition of a writer has evolved beyond traditional pen and paper. Today, we are all writers, weaving our tapestries of thoughts and ideas throughout all aspects of our daily lives. 

Through heartfelt conversations, we articulate our encounters, provide wisdom, and inspire others. Each person is a storyteller in their own right, sharing their experiences, insights, and dreams – adding to the symphony of voices that compose the collective narrative of humanity. 

We see the world through our unique lenses; the very essence of creativity lies in the interpretation of the world around us. We narrate the intricacies of life through our observations, transforming them into anecdotes that shape our individual stories. 

Everyone has a story; everyone has a voice – you just have to listen.

Whether we are engineers drafting intricate designs, doctors recording medical histories, or teachers inspiring young minds, we are all authors of innovation and skill. Our expertise finds its voice through a plethora of mediums, contributing to the vast reservoir of human knowledge.

The notion that only a select few can be considered writers has dissolved in the tide of modern communication. Each one of us possesses the power to wield the pen and compose stories that shape our lives and the lives of others. Embracing this truth empowers us to celebrate the writer within and harness the boundless potential of our words to connect, motivate, and transform the world around us. 

From the quietest introvert to the most outgoing extrovert, each person carries within them a narrative shaped by triumphs and trials, laughter and tears, love and loss. Emotions and memories define our journeys through life, connecting us all in our shared experience of what it means to be alive. No matter how seemingly ordinary or extraordinary, every life is a story waiting to be heard and cherished – The Write Way.