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This Wednesday, Nov. 6: Luke Combs returns to Boone, Selling out Legends for the Second Straight Year

Luke Combs returns to Legends this Wednesday as a hot new country sensation. Combs’s homecoming will be his second sold out reception at Legends since the release of his break out single “Hurricane” in the summer of 2015.

Luke Combs has recently stepped into the national spotlight as a young country artist to watch. “Hurricane” has been enjoying extensive radio play since its release. The song has also been featured on the iTunes Country Charts Top 10 as well as the coveted Billboard Hot Country Top 40. While the world may know Combs as an established, quickly rising young star, our little town of Boone was once the musical wading pool where Combs first strummed a guitar and dipped his toes.

Currently, Combs is on tour promoting his first full length studio album, This One’s for you. The album, set for release this winter, features 12 tracks all of which were co-written by Combs himself.

“We’re playing a lot of it out on the road. People seem to be reacting to it pretty positively,” says Combs of the album and tour. “I’m ready for it to come out and to hear the reception then.”

Certainly touring must be a bit more fun when your fans know the words to all of your songs.  

Combs spent five years in Boone, first developing his music in 2011. He knows and loves the town that gave rise to his musical prowess. Where he used to travel short distances between gigs, winning over new fans with his unique voice and honest approach to country music and songwriting.

“The good thing about Boone was that everything was in a small area, and I was able to play in a lot of different places and build a fanbase. That really developed my love for doing it,” says Combs about Boone. “It’s just somewhere that you’re glad you can go back to and have memories in.”

Combs’s memory of his old haunts can bring out a pang of nostalgia to long time Boone residents. He remembers playing at the no longer existent Town Tavern of Boone and the recently closed Parthenon. Combs also cut his teeth playing Woodlands Barbeque on Sundays as well as The Rock, a local sports bar near Walmart.

It is a testament to Combs’s talent and work ethic that he should be serenading barbeque eating tourists in 2011 and selling out Legends by 2015.

While he has given into the natural progression of his talent and ambition by moving out to Nashville and leaving Boone behind, Combs has not forgotten the place where he began his journey. His website, a professionally designed sleek place to visit and catch up on everything Luke Combs, features a prominent photograph of Luke holding his guitar in front of the camera. Slapped on the middle of the guitar is a BlackCat Burrito sticker.  tour

Comb’s is looking forward to his return to Boone this week. Particularly, he is anticipating the warm reception of Boone fans.

“Boone fans are awesome. You feel that people back in boone are really supportive of what we’re doing,” says Combs of his alma mater. “It’s definitely awesome, and it’s always different. Boone holds such a special place in my heart.”

With his rise to national prominence which seems to foreshadow a long and successful career, Luke represents what could now be seen as a trend for Boone to produce country music stars. Before Luke Combs came Eric Church, a hugely successful country superstar who also attended Appalachian State. Combs does not shy away from his connection to Church, but he embraces their shared past, claiming that he probably wouldn’t be where he is without Church’s influence.  

“My freshman year at App was when Eric Church did his album release party at Legends. I remember looking around and seeing all the buzz. It’s kind of cool to be able to feel the same thing now.”

Though the show is sold out, no one should hesitate to pounce on any available tickets to see Luke Combs’s triumphant homecoming as a hot country music star this Wednesday night at Legends. Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show starts at 9:30 p.m.