Watauga Voters Buck State Trend, Favor Sanders and Cruz as Presidential Nominees

Published Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 11:07 am

By Jesse Wood

Bucking the North Carolina state trend, voters in Watauga County didn’t favor Democrat and Republican presidential candidate frontrunners Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

No, voters in Watauga County overwhelmingly favored Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee and Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for president.

On the Democratic ballot, Sanders garnered nearly 70 percent of the Watauga County vote with 5,811 voters picking Sanders over the 2,514 voters who selected Clinton. This is compared to the 55 percent of North Carolina voters (or 616,383 people) who voted for Clinton as opposed to the 460,316 voters in the state that preferred Sanders.

On the Republican side of things, Ted Cruz won with 37 percent of the vote (2,719 votes) in Watauga compared to Trump’s 32 percent of the vote or 2,321 votes. John Kasich and Marco Rubio each had 15 and 13 percent of the vote, respectively, as far as Watauga voters go.

Across the state, Trump won with 40 percent of the vote. Cruz came in second with 37 percent; Kasich third with 13 percent and Rubio fourth with nearly 8 percent of the state vote.

Watauga County voted like most of the rest of Western North Carolina as for as Democrat ballots go. Sanders won the majority of counties in Western North Carolina. Cruz, on the other hand, won several counties but wasn’t dominant in the western part of the state quite like Sanders.

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Who Wataugans Want To See as President:


Who Avery Voters Want To See as President…


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How The Rest of NC Voted for Dem Presidential Nominee…

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