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Watauga Roads Still Closed Thursday AM: Watauga River, New River Heights and Roby Greene

imgresJan. 31, 2013. As of this morning, NCDOT is reporting that several roads are still closed.

–        Old Watauga River Road as of 7:24 a.m. – 

–        New River Heights Road as of 7:15 a.m.

–        Roby Greene Road as of 6:42 a.m.

Boone Police Department Dispatcher Kayla Trivette said of last night’s storm: “It was bad. A lot of cars were driving through water and stalling out and people were getting trapped in their vehicles.”

She added that the worse of it took place in the Walmart area, Leola Street and Pride Drive and also Deerfield Road, which recently just opened up after a tractor trailer was blocking the road way 

Officials urge caution on Deerfield Road as the roadway is icy. 

For most recent NCDOT info, see Twitter page: https://twitter.com/NCDOT_EastMTN