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Humane Society SNIPS to Host Annual ‘Treasure Troves’ Sale on Saturday at Grace

By Katie Benfield

On Saturday, July 18, Watauga Humane Society’s SNIPS, its official spay and neuter committee, will be holding its second annual “Treasure Trove of Vintage Values from Our Valiant Volunteers” sale.

SNIPS, also known as Spay Neuter Is a Positive Solution, will host this event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall of Grace Lutheran Church, located at the corner of King and Councill streets in Boone.

WHS SNIPS Treasure Trove Sale 2014

All of the funds raised from this charity event will go towards covering the costs of spay and neuter surgeries for animals in the community. In the last year, SNIPS has funded 345 of those procedures ranging from $10-$20 to help those in the community to better care for their pets and their health.

Susan King, a member of SNIPS, said that spaying and neutering the animals of Watauga County is incredibly important.

“I have this philosophy that I’ve had forever and it’s that if there were 15 shelters in every town, they would all be full unless people spay and neuter their pets,” she said. “In one year, cats are able to have three litters and dogs are able to have two. The cycle is uncontrollable unless it’s stopped. Animals can’t do it on their own.”

With the help of volunteers that work 24/7 with the WHS, SNIPS is able to use the money raised at the Treasure Trove to end this cycle that has previously been, and currently is, such a health and population problem in Watauga County.

“After vaccinations and medical needs,” King said, “spay and neuter is the healthiest choice.”

The Treasure Trove was born from a donation by the selfless Sandy Ford, who offered a collection of jewelry to SNIPS to raise money for the animals’ surgeries, along with the help of Dee Dundon, a constant supporter and beneficial force with WHS. SNIPS decided that such a donation deserved a special sale for recognition and thus, the Treasure Trove was created.

Now, it is stocked by volunteers who are donating their own unique and vintage items to be sold at this showcase of personal collections for the greater good.

An incredible variety of popular items will be for sale at the 2015 Treasure Trove, including the following:

  • NC pottery
  • fine china
  • a cello in good condition with both hard and soft cases
  • fine and costume jewelry
  • lamps
  • antique lighters
  • antique mechanical pencils
  • sugar/creamer and salt/pepper sets
  • Gourmet marble cutting board and marble rolling pin in stand
  • hand-painted pedestal cake plate
  • stainless steel
  • ceramic canister sets
  • brass peacock fireplace screen
  • Dickens Christmas Village houses
  • vintage Christmas ornaments
  • Chinese bird cage
  • Chinese pottery
  • CDs
  • Baskets
  • funky reader glasses
  • handmade treasures that SNIPS is known for, such as dog and cat toys and wardrobe accessories

Not only will there be a bunch of items you can buy, but there will also be a bake sale and lemonade stand. At the bake sale there will be cookies, brownies, cupcakes and bars, and all items will be packaged to be sold individually, by the half-dozen or by a dozen.

On Friday, July 17, volunteers are welcome to bring their donations, including ornaments for a special “Christmas in July” section, to Grace Lutheran Church from 4-8 p.m. Please have all items already priced to sale between 50 cents and $100. A SNIPS member will meet you at the church door at the side parking lot to help carry in your stuff.

Last year, the Treasure Trove raised $1500, and the goal for this year is $2000. All proceeds go directly towards funding spay and neuter surgeries.

For more information, please visit the Watauga Humane Society website.


Here are some photos from last year’s sale: