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Watauga, Avery County Schools on Two Hour Delay Again Wednesday Due to Early Morning Cold Temperatures

By Paul T. Choate

Jan. 22, 2013. With the temperatures expected to be in the teens and The Weather Channel saying it will feel like zero tomorrow morning, Watauga and Avery county schools will again operate on a two hour delay. This will be the second day in a row the two schools delayed due to the severe cold. 

Following Tuesday’s delays, WCS Public Information Director Marshall Ashcraft explained that there was enough concern about the level of exposure for children waiting at the bus stops that school had to be delayed. 

“The reason was that the extreme cold was such that there was concern about having the younger children waiting at bus stops in the dark with the wind chill subzero,” Ashcraft said.

Prior to making the decision to delay on Tuesday, principals of the local schools in Watauga were polled on what they thought about it by Supt. David Kafitz, Ashcraft said. Ultimately, the majority of principals felt the delay was a good idea. 

Tomorrow is forecast to be another bitter cold day, though not nearly as bad as today was. The high tomorrow is forecast to be around the freezing mark. 

For more information on closures and delays, visit ncweatherclosings.com