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Watauga and Avery County Schools Closed For Students on Thursday

Following yesterday’s snowfall and cold overnight temperatures, both Watauga and Avery County Schools decided to close for the day. 

It will be an optional teacher workday in both counties. Schools in both counties were also closed on Wednesday.

In Ashe County, schools are operating on a two-hour delay with limited bus routes after being closed on Wednesday. 

From Watauga County Schools (Wednesday night): “Due to additional snowfall, a number of snow covered roads still across our county and district and falling temperatures, there will be no school for students on Thursday, December 6. It will be an Optional Teacher Workday. Teachers and staff may report on a two hour delay to ensure safe travels to work. The Holiday/ Snowday Program at Hardin Park is scheduled to open at 7:30 a.m.

From Avery County Schools (Wednesday night): “Unfortunately, the snow we received today has impacted our county substantially. Many areas throughout the county remain dangerous and most likely will not improve overnight. Due to existing road conditions and the potential for refreezing overnight, the Avery County Schools will be closed with an optional workday for Thursday, December 6.”