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Waiting Until The Last Minute To File Your Taxes? Post Offices in Boone Closing on a Regular Schedule

By Jesse Wood

April 15, 2013. Well, Tax Day is here, and if you plan on mailing your tax returns today, you only have three hours – in Boone – for your taxes to be postmarked by the April 15 deadline.

tax dayThe downtown Boone post office closes at 4 p.m., while the main post office on Blowing Rock Road is open until 5 p.m.

Carl Walton, spokesman for the U.S. Post Office in North Carolina, said that post offices haven’t stayed open late for Tax Day in several years, and he attributed that change to the rise of e-filing with online tax programs such as Turbo Tax. 

“So many more people file electronically that there’s not the kind of customer traffic [to warrant staying open late anymore],” Walton said, noting that a recent report found that 76 percent of taxpayers filed electronically last year. 

For more information on mailing your taxes via the U.S. Postal Service: https://www.usps.com/taxes.