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The In/Visible Theatre of Boone Brings a New Solo Show to Asheville Fringe

The In/Visible Theatre of Boone, NC, has sent solo shows to New York City, Los Angeles, and lots of places in between.  Now its newest piece, Ox, is coming to the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival.

Ox recently premiered in In/Visible Theatre’s second annual BOLO Fest–the Boone Solo Festival–and is the fourth solo show by nationally produced playwright Derek Davidson.  Ox tells the story of a cantankerous bookseller (played by Mark Suggs) who knows a great deal about books, but little about people.  He creates an unlikely friendship with a mother and young daughter whose immigration status is shaky, and he ultimately faces a choice between maintaining his quiet, comfortable life, or risking the unknown to help his new friends.  

Ox is pretty timely,” said North Carolina playwright Derek Davidson.  “It’s about how really, all politics is local, and without our knowing it, it permeates our lives and our relationships.”  Using humor to explore weighty subjects is a hallmark of Davidson’s writing, and Ox walks the line between comedy and drama, resulting in a finely-tuned comic monologue that affects audiences with meaningful storytelling.

Boone-based In/Visible Theatre actor Mark Suggs finds performing Ox to be invigorating.  “I had done a few solo shows before, even one I’d written, but this is my first ‘Davidson,’” said Suggs.  “I am thrilled to be in this world premiere, especially because the play is so compelling for audiences.  In BOLO Fest, they reacted with such enthusiasm; we’re excited to share this show with Asheville audiences.”

Performances of Ox will be at Downtown Books and News at 5pm on Friday, January 26th and 27th. Patrons can purchase tickets at www.ashevillefringe.org, or at the door starting an hour before each performance.  

The mission of In/Visible Theatre of Boone is to give voice to unheard voices through work that challenges audiences to experience the world in new ways.  Through education, social engagement, and innovative artistic practices, they encourage participants to try on new perspectives that access deeper truths and create a more engaged, empathetic, introspective populace.