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WHAT’S GOING ON? Sugar Mountain Extends Greenway With Boardwalk, Construction Underway

The Village of Sugar Mountain is extending its greenway trail. Construction is underway. Photos by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

The Village of Sugar Mountain is extending the town’s greenway trail system with a walkway bridge along Sugar Mountain Drive for the safety of folks walking alongside the road.

Recently, the Sugar Mountain Tourism Development Authority put aside $40,000 solely for the bridge, which is still under construction. The boardwalk, built by Mountain Exteriors, will extend the greenway trail from the lower entrance of Sugar Mountain Drive to Resort Parking Lot #6. The boardwalk will extend 140 feet in length.

Sugar Mountain’s TDA Coordinator Sherri Herland said that ramps on both ends of the bridge must be installed as well some type of guardrail closer to the street. Herland mentioned that the TDA could possibly put aside more funds at its next monthly meeting for the ongoing greenway project.

The town’s greenway begins at the base of Sugar Mountain Resort and meanders through the woods, a gravel path and along the golf course. The trail then makes its way near Town Hall and crosses Sugar Mountain Drive to where the new bridge is being built.

“It’s a short walk if you ever come out here,” Herland said, “and it’s very pretty.”

Once finished, the bridge will take you to the parking lot by Tynecastle Highway (184).

“It is being built on behalf of the skiers in the winter who don’t want to wait for the shuttle, so they brought it out that far,” Herland said. “They may continue to try to bring it together, so you don’t’ have to walk on the road whatsoever or along the grass.”

This particular project should be complete by the fall. Herland added that other connections and improvements are in the works.

The town’s greenway connects to the circuit of hiking and biking trails on the slopes of Sugar Mountain Resort. However the trails on the resort’s property are closed this summer because Sugar Mountain Resort is installing a Doppelmayr high-speed, detachable, six-passenger chairlift at the base of the summit.

It’s expected to be completed in time for opening day of the 2015-16 winter season.

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