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View Three Todd Bush Photos For Recent Sightings of the PanSTARRS Comet, Expect More Photos To Come

By Jesse Wood

March 18, 2013. See below for three of Todd Bush’s favorite photos that he has taken so far of the PanSTARRS Comet.¬†

The most recent photo, which at the very bottom of the post and features the comet shooting over Grandfather Mountain, was taken on Saturday, and it looks as if he will have some more shots to show off in the near future.

In an email, Bush said, “You would have gotten a kick out of me driving up and down roads in Blowing Rock yesterday with a compass to find a spot preparing for a comet over grandfather view. I missed by a little, but have other locations in mind for the next few nights.”

For those interested in viewing the comet or taken some of their own fabulous photos, he advises, “To see the comet, look west (and low) just after dark with binoculars to spot it. Last week it was really tricky to see naked eye without the aid of binoculars first to give you an idea of where to look. It is expected to be visible somewhat higher in the sky till mid April, but unfortunately is also dimming on it’s way out of our solar system. Catch it while you can, but as you may know, a much brighter comet is expected in November this year.”

For more Todd Bush photos, click to www.bushphoto.com.

Todd 01
Photo by Todd Bush – www.bushphoto.com


Todd 02
Photo by Todd Bush – www.bushphoto.com


Todd 03
Photo by Todd Bush – www.bushphoto.com