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Video, Photos of Annual Downtown Boone Christmas Parade, Nice Turnout for Chilly Saturday Morning


By Jesse Wood

Dec. 9, 2013. Hundreds of folks lined King Street in downtown Boone, withstanding the chilly temperatures during the annual Downtown Boone Christmas Parade held on Saturday. The festivities were presented by the Town of Boone and the Downtown Boone Development Association.

Holiday cheer with a smidgen of sweets added to the Christmas festivities as town officials, business leaders, nonprofits, community groups and members took the stroll down Main Street. The Watauga High School band performed music while cloggers of the High Country and the High Country Dance Studio broke it down in downtown Boone on Saturday. 

With Mayor Loretta Clawson exiting office in the coming days, this is perhaps Clawson’s last parade as the mayor of Boone. See photos of Clawson at the parade below and many more who participated in the festivities. 

Film by Ken Ketchie/Photos by Jesse Wood

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