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Urn Found in Wilkesboro Reservoir, Contents To Be Released in Atlantic Ocean

By Jesse Wood

A 10-pound urn was found on Sept. 1, 2015 in Berry Mountain Park at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir in Wilkesboro, the Department of Army Corps of Engineers announced earlier this month.

“Unusually low water elevation” caused the urn to become visible and a W. Kerr Scott (WKS) volunteer removed the container from the lakebed. The container was then taken to the WKS Visitor Assistance Center, where it was stored in a sealed box in a locked office before being transported in October 2015 to the N.C. Board of Funeral Service in Raleigh, a release from the Department of the Army stated.

The urn was returned to the visitor center in April after the examination, which provided no further information as the container remained sealed and devoid of any markings or info for identification.

The urn was found in a tract of land once owned by the Dula Family and the closest known cemetery was Davis Family Cemetery.

“There is no available evidence to support or refute the container’s association with the Dula or Davis families,” the release noted.

The Department of the Army plans to dispose of the urn’s contents into the Atlantic Ocean, a customary action for unclaimed, cremated remains. Citizens with questions regarding this proposed action are asked to contact Justin Bashaw, Environmental Resources Section, within 30 days of the July 5 notice at 910-251-4581.

See the entire release here.