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Update on Capstone Cottages of Boone on Poplar Grove Road South: Construction of Buildings has Begun

CCC has recently begun the process of building the 109 buildings that will make up the Cottages of Boone student housing development on Poplar Grove Road South. Photo by Ken Ketchie

By Paul T. Choate

Blythe Construction has been working on the road up to the development since late-May of this year. Photo by Ken Ketchie

Sept. 26, 2012. Work recently began constructing the buildings for the Capstone Collegiate Communities (CCC) development, Cottages of Boone, on Poplar Grove Road South off of N.C. 105. The development, when finished, could be the largest student housing community in Watauga County.

Blythe Construction has been working on the road since late-May of this year and recently CCC brought in their own construction team to begin building the cottages and the lodge.

Watauga County Planning and Inspections Director Joe Furman told High Country Press in may that the developers are hoping to have the complex open for renting in mid- to late-August 2013, shortly before the fall semester begins at Appalachian State University.

“They’re going to have basically a year to build [109] buildings,” said Furman.

The development will have 894 beds, offered in three-, four- or five-bedroom cottages, as well as in one-, three- or four-bedroom lodge apartments. There are also plans for a swimming pool and fitness center at the Cottages of Boone.

Asked if snow possibly delaying work was a concern in the coming months, Cottages of Boone Developer Amanda Wallis replied, “We will make it up if it does. I’m sure everybody is concerned about snow but we do have plans in place if for some reason it slows our production. We’re student housing so we’ve got to hit the fall opening.”

An architectural drawing of the Cottages of Boone clubhouse. Click to enlarge.

CCC hopes to rent out the cottages starting at around $500 to $600 per bedroom. CCC has already opened a leasing office directly beside of the ASU campus at 969 Rivers St. Wallis said people have already started signing leases and that there are still vacancies.

According to Furman, the property will have private on-sight wells and a sewer system, as well as a water detention system.

Bus services will be provided by AppalCART. Furman said CCC has already established a contract with AppalCART to be added to their routes once the units on the property are available for rental next summer.

According to Wallis, “Everything is as originally planned.” She said the August 2013 opening date is still looking likely and that there have not been any setbacks in construction. 

“We’re quite pleased with the progress we’ve made so far,” she said.

For more information about CCC, visit capstone-dev.com/collegiate_communities.

For more information about Watauga County Planning and Inspections, visit wataugacounty.org/main/App_Pages/Dept/Planning/home.aspx.

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