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Update: Team ‘Maison Reciprocite’ Set to Begin Construction on Solar Decathlon Design Tomorrow

by Madison V. Fisler

Sept. 9, 2013. The Appalachian State Solar Decathlon Team “Maison Reciprocite” is determined to start construction this month despite a few “minor snafus.” The team is officially scheduled to begin the initial construction process on Tuesday, Sept. 10. 

This year’s project is a monster. When all is said and done, over 1,000 students from both Appalachian State University and the Université d’Angers in France will complete a 1,500-square-foot multiple story space, which will house commercial, residential, green and ‘flex’ space. 

Constructed here in Boone, the structure will be built, tested, disassembled, packaged and shipped all the way to Europe, where a team of 30 will rebuild the entire structure in just 10 days. With limited time, manpower and resources, the team will put their structure back together in order to be judged and critiqued during the international competition.

Team “Maison Reciprocite” is also one of the only teams competing in the Solar Decathlon: Europe this year that is not government subsidized. All of the funds for this project are raised entirely by the team, or generously donated by sponsors and community members.

“We want to give a huge thank you to all of the sponsors who have made this project possible,” said Bill Pfleger, co-project manager.

Construction on the competition structure is scheduled to begin in just a few weeks despite a few minor delays. For more information on Team “Maison Reciprocite,” please click here

For more information about Solar Decathlon: Europe, click here