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Update: Appalachian’s Solar Decathlon Team Maison Reciprocity Continues Toward Completion

by Madison V. Fisler

Jan. 14, 2014. Appalachian State University’s Solar Decathlon: Europe team, Team Reciprocite, is a mere five months away from its completion date, said Mark Bridges, communications manager for Team Reciprocite.  

The idea for the “Maison Reciprocity” is a multiple story structure, where one story would house commercial property, one would hold habitable spaces, and flex and greenspace would be included at the top. The project is a collaborative effort between Appalachian State University and Universite d’Angiers in France. 

Constructed here in Boone, the structure will be built, tested, disassembled, packaged and shipped all the way to Europe, where a team of 30 will rebuild the entire structure in just ten days. With limited time, manpower and resources, the team will put their structure back together in order to be judged and critiqued during the competition. The slated ship date for the project is May 1. 

“All of this has to fit in 40-foot shipping containers on a boat,” Bridges said.

“Once we get it over there, we have to work in 11-hour shifts to get it assembled.”

Construction has progressed by leaps and bounds since construction began last fall. The walls on one of the structures was raised on Oct. 9, after construction officially began on Sept. 10 and as of today, construction was continuing to progress quickly for the hundreds of student volunteers who are working on the project.

Team “Maison Reciprocity” is also one of the only teams competing in the Solar Decathlon which is not government subsidized. All of the funds for this project are raised entirely by the team, or generously donated by sponsors and community members.

To help with costs, Team Reciprocity has started a fundraising KickStarter page to help gain the funds needed for the completion of the project. The last day of fundraising for the team is Jan. 31. 

To donate to the cause, visit the team’s KickStarter page here.

More information on Team Reciprocite’s progress will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Check out the Team Reciprocite 2014 Facebook page here

Check out some photos of the structures which are currently nearing completion at the Solar Decathlon Headquarters.

Photos by Madison V. Fisler

Construction has continued quickly for Team Reciprocite
Construction has continued quickly for Team Reciprocite


Currently under construction in the indoor construction area.
Currently under construction in the indoor construction area.