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UPDATE ON ADDIE: Community Rallies to Reunite Missing Dachshund with Atlanta Family

By Jessica Isaacs

You may have read our story from Jan. 3 on Addie, a 4-year-old dapple dachshund who disappeared from a rental property in downtown Blowing Rock and was separated from her family members, who were visiting from Atlanta for the holidays, on Dec. 31.

Scheduled to leave town and return to Georgia on Jan. 1, Charles and Emily Heuer extended their trip and continued to look for Addie in the Blowing Rock area until they had to head home without her late last week. Now, in their absence, a slew of local residents have banded together and committed to tracking Addie down.addie

After her disappearance, Addie was first spotted around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 1 at Food Lion in Blowing Rock, although she ran away from the folks who saw her.

When she was spotted again on Wednesday, the Heuers had already made their way to Greenville on their way to Atlanta. They turned around and came back to the mountains, but Addie was still not found. Heuer family friend Pat Joynes said she was seen again on Thursday.

“Thursday, a big group of people searched and she was spotted on Dameron Drive in the Ski Crest community. No luck. The owners had to return to Atlanta last night,” Joynes said on Friday. “The High Country community has made the search for Addie a priority, especially with the bad weather coming in, but we need more eyes.”

Folks across the area have stepped up to help following our last story and the Heuers’ post on the Facebook page for lost and found pets in Watauga County, including neighbors, friends and even the Blowing Rock Fire Department. The search continues, but participants are hopeful and encourage others to keep an eye out for Addie.

Addie has a very timid personality and has run away from the last two people to see her, so anyone who spots her may have to follow her and catch her to return her to her family. She’s very likely to respond to calling her name or her nickname, “Tookie.”

If you see Addie, please try to hold her there and contact Charles and Emily at 501-529-5223 or 404-844-1358.

For more information on the local search, contact Erin Shelnutt at 828-773-1375.

Addie does have a microchip with the Heuer family’s contact information, so if you catch her you may also take her to a veterinary hospital or animal shelter where her microchip can be scanned and her family contacted.

Please help spread the word and help Addie get home!