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Up-And-Coming Singer-Songwriter Alexa Rose to Perform at the Jones House on Dec. 15

Fresh off her critically-acclaimed debut album Medicine for Living, Alexa Rose returns to the Jones House for an indoor concert on Sunday, December 15, starting at 4:00 PM in the Mazie Jones Gallery. “Those who have had the pleasure to see Alexa Rose perform already know what an incredible talent she is,” says Boone’s Cultural Resources Coordinator, Brandon Holder. “And those who haven’t had a chance to hear her live should take this opportunity before she starts filling rooms more than ten times this size.”

Born and raised in the Alleghany Highlands of western Virginia, Alexa Rose’s musical roots run deep, an atavistic heritage passed down from great-grandfather. A deep connection to her mountain roots inspires both the sound and subject matter of her music. Likewise, Rose has strong ties to the Boone community. During her time as a music major at Appalachian State University, she was able to expand her musical repertoire after being exposed to a wealth of old-time music and traditional folk ballads. After graduating in 2016, Rose made the decision to start touring full-time and just recently in October she released her first full length album.

Alexa Rose’s music is poignant and timely; her voice is tender and ethereal. Rose’s pure vocals, intricate Americana melodies, and effortless delivery all contribute to a starkly charming stage persona. It is Rose’s adept lyricism, however, that truly allows her to craft an emotionally stirring performance. Rose is establishing herself as one of Americana’s greatest contemporary storytellers with her heartfelt and honest lyrics, which tackle the big issues of life and love. These themes are elucidated in songs like “Borrow Your Heart” and “The Leaving Kind,” along with her new album’s title track, “Medicine for Living” – a composition that earned her first place in the 2019 Merlefest Chris Austin Songwriting Competition.

For Rose, the lessons learned from heartache are, in and of themselves, the true medicine for what she refers to as “the disease of living.” Don’t misinterpret the message: Rose’s music is no shallow, bitter breakup epitaph. Instead, the listener is taken on an emotional, but cathartic, journey that discovers hope in the midst of despair, and healing in the midst of brokenness. Ultimately, Rose brings her audience to the realization that although love can be messy and heart wrenching, it is still worth the risk and its lessons shape us into wiser, more mature human beings. In “The Way Love Is,” Rose concludes “That’s the way love is, I’m still taking my chances to lose.”

While bringing a fresh Memphis sound to her songs, Rose continues to remain true to her rural Appalachian roots. Call it Americana, call it folk, call it roots, call it country – one thing is for sure, you’ll be calling it good music. In her single “Like A Child,” Rose portentously declares, “Someday it’s gonna be my turn.” For Alexa Rose, that day is today. And if she follows her own prescription of staying patient and humble, the future certainly holds great things for Alexa Rose.

Tickets to see Alexa Rose are $20 and limited seating is available. To preorder tickets, you may stop by or call the Jones House at 828-268-6280 or email brandon.holder@townofboone.net. For more information about indoor concerts and other events at the Jones House please visit joneshouse.org