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Toxicology Results of Boy Who Died in Best Western: Blood Concentration of CO More Than 60 Percent

By Jesse Wood

June 14, 2013. Regional pathologist Dr. Brent Hall alerted Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford yesterday afternoon that toxicology results arrived for Jeffery Williams, the 11-year-old boy who died of asphyxia in Room 225 of the Best Western in Boone last Saturday.


Williams was autopsied the next day on June 9 and preliminary indications were that he died from asphyxia. Shortly after the autopsy, samples were sent to the N.C. Office of Chief Medical Examiner, which found blood concentration levels of carbon monoxide greater than 60 percent. 

“Dr. Hall advised that these CO levels would have caused the asphyxia that was noted in the autopsy,” stated a release from the Boone Police Department. “This level of CO concentration is consistent with the levels found in both Daryl and Shirley Jenkins.”

The Jenkinses perished together in Room 225 on April 16. Autopsy results of the Jenkinses that took place on April 17 and 18 were “inconclusive,” Crawford said at a press conference last Monday, adding that his department re-requested toxicological results from the state nearly two weeks before Williams died. 

After a wait of nearly two months, toxicological results of the Jenkinses arrived shortly after Williams’ death and noted that the couple died because of carbon monoxide toxicity.  

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