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Town of Boone Public Works Department put Experimental Directional Signs on Crosswalks in Downtown Boone Friday Morning

Town of Boone Public Works employees work on installing new crosswalk signs Friday morning at Depot and Howard Streets.

By Harley Nefe

Representatives from the Town of Boone Public Works Center put up experimental directional signs Friday morning on the crosswalks of downtown Boone, specifically at the Howard Street and Depot Street intersection.

The signs that were placed urge pedestrians to walk in one direction with pointing arrows to ensure social distancing measures for the COVID-19 pandemic.

John Ward, who is the town manager of Boone, said the Boone Town Council has been thinking about ways to alleviate some of the traffic and crowd congestion as the summer season starts kicking in.

Boone Town Council chose to put the directional signs at the Howard Street and Depot Street intersection as an experiment to see how the idea works out because the Town of Boone controls the intersection entirely.

Ward said if the experiment is successful and they decide to move forward with the plan, the next step is to convince the state of North Carolina Department of Transportation to allow the Town of Boone to implement the same ideas to other intersections across downtown Boone, like King Street, which is a state-run road.