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Town of Boone Condemns Building in Downtown That’s Been Vacant for Four Years

This building located next to Macado’s on King Street has been vacant for four years or so and was recently condemned by the Town of Boone. Photos by Ken Ketchie


By Jesse Wood

Earlier this month, the Town of Boone condemned a vacant building on King Street in the downtown area for apparent “structural failures,” according to Planning Director Bill Bailey.

The building has sat vacant for four years ever since JBH Imports, a jewelry/gem shop, vacated the premises and moved down the street. The owner of the building, which is located at 535 West King St., is Boone Investments LLC.

Bailey said that the owner was notified and boarded up the property last week. He added that the owner is attempting design repairs.

This retail space is among several vacant properties in downtown Boone. While this particular space isn’t currently available to rent because of the needed repairs, others are. The Downtown Boone Development Association has a listing of properties for rent in the Municipal Service District on its website.

Virginia Falck, downtown coordinator for the Town of Boone, said that most “Main Street” towns have a listing of properties for sale or rent in the downtown areas.

“As economic development and restructuring of downtown is a core value to the DBDA having these properties listed on the downtown Boone website is a way to promote new businesses in downtown as well as assisting property owners,” Falck said.




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