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Town of Boone Amends State of Emergency to Keep Sidewalk Space Open for People Walking Through Downtown

By Nathan Ham

On Friday morning, the Town of Boone included an additional amendment to its State of Emergency that will keep the sidewalks open for people to be able to walk around and still adhere to social distancing protocols. The new amendment went into effect at noon on Friday.

The changes specifically reference sidewalk sales and outdoor dining after some concerned citizens believed that there was not enough space on sidewalks to comfortably walk while keeping a proper social distance from people they may meet walking on the sidewalk.

During a town council meeting on August 18, the Boone Town Council approved the amendment.

“No person may cause an obstruction or use space upon a public sidewalk for commercial purposes unless such obstruction or use permits passing pedestrians to maintain at least six feet clearance from other persons, including persons dining at outside tables, persons shopping sidewalk sales, and employees supervising sidewalk sales so that proper social distancing can be maintained,” the amendment stated.

Violating this order will be a class 2 misdemeanor. Law enforcement officers will first inform the offender as to the new requirements on a first offense. On a second offense, a warning will be issued and any repeat violations will receive a criminal citation.