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Town of Blowing Rock Celebrates Its 130th Birthday With Cake and Awards 2 New Markers

The town of Blowing Rock celebrated 130 years with birthday cake.

By Hailey Blevins

The Town of Blowing Rock celebrated its 130th birthday in the Town Hall on Monday with cake, singing Happy Birthday, fellowship, and the 11th annual presentation of markers. Two properties were awarded markers this year.

Jim Freeman, Interim Town Manager, shared his thoughts on the anniversary, “It’s always great to be at a birthday party, as y’all know, especially when it’s not your own. But y’all all have a great community here. I’ve been working with the board and with the community at large, and I am really impressed. I’m impressed with what you have here, and I’m impressed with what Blowing Rock has done… You need to be really proud of yourselves, and happy birthday to all of you!”

Afterwards, Marcia Quinn, the Historical Society’s chair for the Markers Committee, commented that “This really is an exciting day with having a 130th birthday party as well as our marker program presentation today. This is the 11th annual presentation of the markers.”

The Markers Committee came together in 2008 when Ginny Stevens gathered a few people over lunch and presented her idea for recognizing and marking significant properties in Blowing Rock. Ginny’s visions was for the Blowing Rock Marker Program and the Blowing Rock Historical Society to become partners in the Blowing Rock Marker Program.

In 2009, the committee awarded the first markers. Since then, 42 markers have been awarded, including the two awarded this year, though there is a list of over 100 identified properties that is still being added to.

Quinn recognized members of past committees, asking them to stand. “You can’t do it without a committee, I can tell you that with all that goes into this event every year. So, again, thanks to them.”

Quinn then awarded the two markers. The first marker was awarded to the oldest property for this year, the Craig Cottage/Knitters Rest, which is currently owned by Bunky and Tina Devant. The second marker was awarded to the Miller/Robbins House.

Quinn noted that these markers will likely not be installed until the weather begins to warm up.

“We’re still finding wonderful joy in being able to give these families and the private owners that we truly appreciate their restoration and keeping things as historical as they can for all of us. If it wasn’t for people like them, we wouldn’t be seeing things like these in Blowing Rock.


Pictures from the Marker Ceremony by Ken Ketchie:

The Town of Blowing Rock’s Birthday Cake celebrating 130 years.
The Town Hall was packed as everyone gathered together to celebrate.
Jim Freeman, Interim Town Manager,
Marcia Quinn awards the first marker to the Craig Cottage/Knitters Rest, which is currently owned by Bunky and Tina Devant.
Marker awarded for the Craig Cottage/Knitters Rest
Marcia Quinn (left) awards the second marker to the Miller/Robbins House, represented by  current Miller/Robbins House owner, the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce CEO Charles Hardin, and descendants of Grover Robbins Sr., including Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Robbins, Peggy Sellers, and Ruth Robbins Botzis.
The second marker awarded to the Miller/Robbins House
Rita White, BR Historical Society Board Member, also shared a few words.
Everyone enjoys a piece of cake and some punch in celebration of Blowing Rock’s 130th birthday.