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Beech Mountain Issues Notice: ‘Immediate [Water] Conservation Action Required’

The Town of Beech Mountain Buckeye Creek Reservoir has now declined due to lack of rain to a point which meets the requirements for mandatory water usage reductions. This stage follows the voluntary reduction stage we have previously been under and requires immediate action as follows.

Beech Logo sealIn Stage 3, Mandatory Reductions II, customers must continue actions from all previous stages and further reduce water use by 20% compared to their previous month’s water bill. All nonessential uses of drinking water are banned and garden and landscape irrigation must be reduced to the minimum amount necessary for survival. Additionally, in Stage 3, a drought surcharge of 1.5 times the normal water rate applies. Also, in carryover from Stage 2, outdoor use of drinking water for washing impervious surfaces is prohibited; and all testing and training purposes requiring drinking water (e.g. fire protection) will be limited.

This condition of mandatory reductions will remain in effect until notice provided to the public of a measureable rise due to adequate rainfall of the lake levels, or may be superseded by a more stringent reduction requirement if levels continue to fall.

The public will be notified by notifications on the water bill, radio, email, and other means necessary to ensure continued adequate water supply for the Town of Beech Mountain Residents.

The State of North Carolina has developed a guide to water reduction which can be found online at http://www.savewaternc.org/ that offers many useful tips and tools to effective water reduction.

Anyone with further questions may contact the Water Treatment Department at 828-387-9368.