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Toe River Health District Maintains Low Numbers of COVID-19 Cases for Avery, Mitchell and Yancey

By Tim Gardner

As of Monday, April 20th, the Toe River, NC Health District, which encompasses Avery, Mitchell and Yancey counties continues to have only five cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Of the three counties, only Mitchell has had confirmed cases of the potentially deadly virus.

The district’s most recent reporting numbers include:


66 People Tested

65 Negative Results

1 Pending Results

0 Positive Results


84 People Tested

79 Negative Results

0 Pending Results

2 People are Positive

3 People have Recovered


71 People Tested

71 Negative Results

0 Pending Results.

Avery and Yancey are two of only seven counties in the State of North Carolina that have had no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Medical professionals remind everyone to:

  • Stay at home as much as possible, especially when you’re sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Wash your hands often
  • Cover your cough and/or sneeze
  • Clean and disinfect touch surfaces often


Anyone in the three-county area in the service umbrella of the Toe River Health District is encouraged to phone their local health department for questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those phone numbers are:

Avery Co. Health Department (828)-733-6031

Mitchell Co. Health Department (828)-688-2371

Yancey Co. Health Department (828)-682-6118.

North Carolina’s case count has doubled every 12 days, according to state medical data.

According to the National Center for Disease Control, North Carolina’s COVID-19 numbers (as of 10:00 p.m., April 20th) are:

Total Tested-79,484