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Todd Bush Thursday Night Photos of Comet


With lots of clouds around the horizon last night, it was seeming as-if Comet NEOWISE would not make it’s expected appearance over Rocky Knob from atop Pigeon Roost of Banner Elk. But briefly around 10pm, thankfully it did before clouds covered-up and tucked in the dual tailed visitor for the night. This link has info on why the two tails. The close-up photo was a 30 second exposure using a tracking platform, compensating for earth’s rotation. The wide angle snapshot shows clouds eerily illuminated by the lights of Beech Mountain with the comet to the right. To see the comet just after dark (around 10pm), find the Big Dipper and look below it about an extended arm’s fist above the horizon (around 320°NW compass heading). By mid next week at 10pm it will be well to the left of below the Big Dipper. At over 2 fists high or 24° elevation and closer to 300° compass heading.


Comet Photos by Todd Bush are now available for purchase. Metal Prints of C/2020 F3 Comet NEOWISE photos are now available here 

You can also find them at the Banner Elk Artists Gallery as well.