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Todd Bush Still on Watch for Comet NEOWISE Pictures Comes Across a Few Lightning Shots

Tuesday night from around 10:45-11pm looking north from Banner Elk.
Comet over Beech Mountain and mist enshrouded Banner Elk made Sunday night, 07-19-20 at 9:51pm.
It’s still worth looking for Comet NEOWISE through July as it is now quite high in the Northwest night sky between dark and 11pm-ish. It’s below and to the left of the Big Dipper. 
Ah the Clouds, so lovely yet its hard to see a comet through them. So here are some shots from last night (07-21-20 from 10:45-11pm) looking north from Banner Elk, at a somewhat different show. The first 2 are single shots that were pure luck. No photoshop funny stuff was done to either. The face in the second one was a total surprise after seeing it bigger on the computer screen. The third shot with the pitifully hidden but somewhat visible comet and lightning was a blend of 2 shots from the same location seconds apart.
Lightning strike!

Comet Photos by Todd Bush are now available for purchaseMetal Prints of C/2020 F3 Comet NEOWISE photos are now available here 

You can also find them at the Banner Elk Artists Gallery as well.