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Todd Bush Shares Photo of Milky Way With International Space Station Visible Traveling Across Early Morning Sky

On February 27, 2018 around 5:42 AM I was set up to photograph the Milky Way looking Southeast and noticed a bright satellite I believed to be the International Space Station (and later verified) coming through from south to north across the south eastern sky. As ISS was close to Jupiter (right side mid-photo), just out from the frame a bright falling star left a bit of a green and hint of red trail across a portion of the sky just west of the same region. It was a lovely moment and I was kind of kicking myself for not having had the camera pointed just a little bit more to the west which might have caught the meteor and the ISS. Yet another small meteor came across the scene in this image I didn’t notice at the time. The transit of ISS across the sky happened over five – 30 second exposures. with a brief pause between exposures causing the break in the trail of sunlight shining on ISS between exposures. So ISS was brightly visible for around 3 minutes. Image made with a Nikon D800E with a 15mm lens at f4.