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Todd Bush Traveled to the Top of Grandfather Mountain on Sunday Night For Comet Show

In this time-lapsed photo, Todd took around 11:00 pm Sunday night, the light from the moon lit up the Swinging Bridge and gave the clouds a beautiful look.


By Nathan Ham

Comet NEOWISE photos from Todd Bush on Sunday night continued to show a great view of the comet. 

Bush recommends a telescope or binoculars to see NEOWISE late at night. Bush also wanted to remind readers that thanks to his time-lapse camera settings, the comet will look a lot brighter in his photos than it will if you are looking through binoculars. The time-lapse photos also make the moonlight appear to brighten up the entire landscape to the point where it looks like the photos were taken around dusk when in reality, the photos were taken at almost midnight. 

Comet NEOWISE made its closest pass by Earth on July 23 when it was approximately 64 million miles from the planet. 

Bush says the best place to get a good view of NEOWISE would be at higher elevations above the tree line where you can see the horizon. If you are looking to the northwest, the comet will not be far from the Big Dipper. 

Unfortunately, NEOWISE is past the point of being clearly visible to the naked eye. The brightness will continue to decrease as the comet moves away from Earth as it has been for the past four days. 

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Photos from Sunday night: