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Tiny Homesteads’ Carolina Daydreaming Sustainability Celebration: Making Alternative Living More Mainstream

By Savannah R. Watts

Fascinated by the tiny home craze, but afraid to take the first step? You’re in luck! This Friday evening, June 8, Tiny Homesteads WNC is inviting you to take a peek into what your life could be life through their first ever Carolina Daydreaming Sustainability Celebration. Lasting from 5:00 p.m. to Saturday morning, this event is packed with information about tiny homes, exciting live performances and free food!

The Carolina Daydreaming Sustainability Celebration is an event that launches the Tiny Homesteads WNC business and mission. Ben Loomis, Director of Business Development for Tiny Homesteads, says “We want anyone interested in agritourism and sustainable, alternative living to come see what we can do for them.” This innovative and sustainable Tiny Home manufacturing company hopes to show guests the beauty of downsizing and living sustainably.

The evening kicks-off at 5:00 p.m. where guests are invited to enjoy free beer and dinner and view the Tiny Homesteads Tipi model. Brett Butler, a designer and builder of Tiny Homes for Tiny Homesteads, will also be giving a tipi demonstration. This hour is designed for people to network with one another and businesses and learn how to take the first step in purchasing or building their own tiny home.

From 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. visitors will be able to learn about sustainable living from a variety of sustainable living businesses. Speakers will include Drew Crawford from DIY Tiny in Asheville, NC; Parker Grissom from SunCatcher Passive Solar Greenhouses in Boone, NC; and Christo Morehead, tiny home owner and builder from Asheville, NC. The speakers will conclude with Tiny Homesteads Ben Loomis, Director of Business Development, and Sara Scott, Director of Marketing.

At 7:00 p.m. live music will begin from the band Depot Street and last until 9:00 p.m. Guests are invited to enjoy the music and continue the important conversations surrounding sustainable living and the pressing need to move towards Alternative Dwelling Units. The night concludes with a performance by two DJs and the Inspiral Fire Tribe at 10:00 p.m. before guests turn in to camp out under the tents and stars.

“It’s really about displaying what we see as a future for the Carolinas. This is just a different way to showcase our region’s identity,” says Loomis. With so many millennials and younger generations being fueled by wanderlust and the desire to travel, Tiny Homesteads is giving people a way to own a home and take it with them while traveling—no more hopping from apartment to apartment with nothing to show for it!

Tiny Homesteads’ vision is to make alternative living more mainstream. “Everyone has that one friend that lives in a tiny home. We’re trying to show people that tiny homes can be financially practical while giving you an agile style of ownership,” says Loomis. In light of the “off-grid movement” popular among many in society, Tiny Homesteads is giving people the ability to explore going off-grid through this event.

Throughout the night guests can enjoy live art made by partners Brennan Reichman and Ashley Land as they connect the reality of housing alternatives to the modern art movement to beautify the area. Reichman and Land will be doing art for commission; so, if you need a great piece or a new company logo, this is your chance to get a design from local artists!

This event is heavily rooted in community involvement as Tiny Homesteads shows guests a “wholistic approach to alternative housing.” Tiny Homesteads is providing a large 20’x40’ tent for guests to sleep under, and another tent will be provided by Village Vision. Dinner and drinks are provided by Tiny Homesteads at the beginning of the evening from local organic farmers and local breweries, but guests are encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks for later in the evening. Guests can also participate in the raffle to win free workshop tickets with Homestead Teachers or a free stay in Tiny Homesteads’ tipi at Small Axe Farms.

So, rain or shine, pack up your tent, sleeping bag, or inflatable mattress and come to the Carolina Daydreaming Sustainability Celebration this Friday night! This free event is located at 261 Lawrence Green Rd., Deep Gap, NC 28618 (registration requested). For more information or for event updates visit Tiny Homesteads’ Facebook page or https://tinyhomesteadswnc.com/. You can also contact ben@homesteadteachers.org or call (828) 434-3301.