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This Year’s Hot Lips Contest Winners Announced at Canvas Beauty Bar

Heather Rogers, John Mena and Miah Zimmerman on Tuesday getting ready to pick a winner.

We have a winner!  John Mena was on hand Tuesday to judge this year’s Hot Lips Contest 2023 entries located in the lobby of the Canvas Beauty Bar in Boone. Mena began the contest in 1997 at his salon Haircut 101 to raise funds and awareness for OASIS (Opposing Abuse with Services, Information and Shelter). Miah Zimmerman and Heather Rogers, owners of Canvas took on the contest this year after Mena closed Haircut 101 last summer.

Durning February, contestants dropped by Canvas and puckered up and kissed a doily that was then displayed on their lobby wall. Their donation had them entered into the contest for gift cards from Canvas while raising money for OASIS. It was then up to Mena on Tuesday to decide who had the hottest lips in the High Country.

“It went ready well, our clients loved it,” said Miah. “And we had many folks learning about OASIS for the first time. So it was a great way to spread the word and put those good vibes out into the community.”

Mena was impressed with all the lip kisses lining the wall and said it was challenging to pick out the best among them. “I believe this is just a fun way to help to bring awareness to what OASIS does in the High Country,” said Mena. “It’s important that all of us help support and spread the word of what OASIS is. Thanks to the folks that participated this year and the donations that will go to OASIS. And get ready to bring those lips by for next year’s event!”

Canvas looks to have even more lip kisses for next year’s contest. “We had quite a few people donating just money and skipping the kissing part, the guys weren’t super excited about putting on lipstick and then leaving here for a meeting or such,” said Miah. The folks at Canvas will be thinking about a way to get around using lipstick for lip impressions next year.

This years winners were:  Carrie Henderson won first place, Sarah Crouch came in second followed closely by Jamie Durham in third.

Learn more about OASIS by visiting their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OASISHighCountry.

John Mena points to one of his favorites.
First Place – Carrie Henderson
Second Place – Sarah Crouch
Third Place – Jamie Durham