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This Summer, Beech Mountain Resort Adds Relaxed Recreation in Addition to More Exciting Activities

By Tzar Wilkerson

            Beech Mountain Resort has traditionally been known for its exhilarating ski slopes in the winter and its impressive system of mountain biking trails in the summer. While both of these programs offer lessons and separate areas for thrill-seekers of various experience levels and ages, the resort’s focus has been primarily on athletic forms of entertainment. This summer, however, the resort has upped their game with new, less demanding forms of recreation and relaxation, designed for slightly less intense family vacations.          


            With the installation of the new “Tubby”, would-be tubers need neither snow nor water! According to the resort’s website, “Tubby by Neveplast is an innovative dry summer tubing track that allows the tube to slide and glide down our 150-foot-long track, invoking summertime fun that is safe, consistent, and sure to thrill!” For $15, customers can tube for one half-hour session. Kids ages 4 and up can ride, although there can be only one adult per tube.

           According to Marketing Manager Talia Freeman, “It’s at the bottom of Freestyle – at the very base of the slope. It’s just like sledding or [snow] tubing. It goes pretty quick, the speed’s consistent – we’ve had a good response from our customers.”

Outdoor Roller-skating

            If you’ve missed Beech Mountain Resorts ice-skating rink, fear not! The resort is unveiling its all-new outdoor roller-skating rink – conveniently located in the ice-skating rink! “We brought in a surface for the summer on the ice rink,” said Freeman, “so it’s right in the village. You buy your ticket for tubing and skating and you just walk to the skating rink to get your skates.”

            Like tubing, roller-skating is also $15, but a ticket will buy you a whole hour-and-a half of fun in the rink! The real bargain, though, is the $20 ticket that allows you to both skate and tube for an hour-and-half.

New Menu Items, Family Nights, and Other Happenings

            While visitors to Beech Mountain Resort have enjoyed the ‘5506 Skybar and the Beech Mountain Brewing Co. Taproom and Grill in previous years, this Summer’s special offerings are revolutionizing the refreshment game completely.

            For starters, Freeman explained, “We started selling food in the brewhouse in the summer, which is kinda cool. We’ve got a nice sandwich menu in addition to the taproom menu, and we also sell ice cream.” The Beech Mountain Brewing co. is hosting a variety of other events this Summer, including Tap Takeover and Purposeful Pint Friday (details available at the resort’s website).

            At the top of the ski lift (see operating hours on the resort’s website), ‘5506 Skybar will also remain lively with events this summer. “We’ve got smaller snack items up there, and this whole bar,” said Freeman, “We do yoga Saturdays and Sundays in July and we also have live music up there.”

           The introduction of the “Tubby,” roller-skating, and new additions to the menus coincide conveniently with the new Family Night specials: “[Thursdays] from 4 o’clock on, it’s family night – unlimited tubing and roller-skating for $20. [Also] on Thursday nights we’re doing a cookout on the deck of the Brewhouse, so you can get a plate for around $10” Freeman explained.

           Freeman went on to say “We have Thirsty Thursdays, so we have a wide variety of $3 pints – it’s a good compliment to Family Night. Also on Thursday, we do a group ride and run in partnership with the town recreation department. We take a group of bikers out to the Emerald Outback and I take a group of runners and walk behind them, but we all end up back at the brewery for a beer and we give them a half-price appetizer. Biking has really picked up this year, we’ve had a lot of interest and our lesson program is going really well.”

            “We’ve got a lot going on – it’s hard to keep up with! It’s nice though. On Good Friday we have Purposeful Pints with the American Cancer Society, so that’s been cool giving back to a different non-profit every Friday.”

With a disc golf course set to be completed any day now, and their 2019 Summer Concert Series Beech Mountain does indeed have a lot going on this Summer! Visit the Beech Mountain Resort website for more information on upcoming events, as well as their Summer hours and pricing details.