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This Fridays Jones House Concert Features the Sigmon Stringers, Creekside Grass, and Carolina Crossing


By Rebecca Mullins

Aug. 20, 2013. Come out to the Jones House on King Street this Friday to see a bluegrass showcase with the Sigmon Stringers, Creekside Grass and Carolina Crossing.

The concert begins at 5:00 p.m. on the lawn with the opening act, the Sigmon Stringers, followed at 6:00 p.m. by Creekside Grass and Carolina Crossing at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free to everyone, so bring your friends and family to this evening of bluegrass tunes.

The Sigmon Stringers are a three generation bluegrass band from Newton. The original players from the 1970s still play the music they love but now with their children and grandchildren. The youngest member of the band is Maggie Sigmon, only ten years old, who plays fiddle and sings duets with her sister. The Sigmon Stringers played last year at Merlefest, and opened for Doc Watson at the Old Soldiers Reunion Celebration.

“These kids can really play,” said Mark Freed, Cultural Resources Coordinator for the Jones House.

Creekside Grass is known for its entertaining concerts and innovative sound. Since its formation in 2003, the band has combined elements of gospel, jamband, country and bluegrass to create a real crowd-pleaser. The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Charlie Taylor, has played with well-known musicians Doc and Merle Watson and Raymond Fairchild. Creekside Grass is as their logo says, “Finger picking good.”

Carolina Crossing has been a part of the Jones House concerts since they first hit the scene back in 2010. Gary Trivette, a local electrician, formed the band after playing with Southern Accent. 

“They’re one of the hottest bluegrass bands in the high country right now,” said Freed. 

The Jones House hosts concerts every Friday from June through September. Dr. John Walter Jones built the house, eventually leaving it in his daughter’s care. She sold it to the town of Boone with the stipulation that it would be our community centre, so here it stands, a piece of history and landmark for all to see. The historic house is used for music lessons, jam sessions, meetings, galleries, private rentals and concerts for the town of Boone and its residents.

“Aside from campus, it has some of the best green-space in town,” said Freed. 

For more information on the Jones House and their concerts click here.

Sigmon Stringers


Creekside Grass


Carolina Crossing