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‘Things Are Going Very Well’ – DBDA Receives Update on Silent Phase of Old Appalachian Twin Theatre Project

By Jesse Wood

March 21, 2013. At the Downtown Boone Development Association’s annual spring retreat on Wednesday evening, board members heard an update on the silent phase of the capital campaign for the renovation and restoration of the old Appalachian Twin Theatre.

As is standard with campaigns in the silent phase, monetary figures weren’t discussed, but apparently the silent campaign is achieving much success.

Boone's Public Works Department constructing the temporary facade to enhance the silent phase of the capital campaign. Photo by Ken Ketchie
Boone’s Public Works Department constructing the temporary facade to enhance the silent phase of the capital campaign. Photo by Ken Ketchie

“Things are going very well,” DBDA President Dempsey Wilcox said, adding that “somebody needs to be really stroking” John Cooper, Bettie Bond and some others who have been courting donors behind the scenes.

After Wilcox spoke enthusiastically about the progress of the silent campaign, Bond piped up when given the floor: “We’re opening in 2015!”

Asked on Thursday morning, if she was serious, Bond said, “I think it is a very optimistic wish that may really come true.”

For her, the goal is to open the restored theatre on Nov. 14, 2015, which would be the 77th birthday of the old Appalachian Twin Theatre.

She added that first goal, of course, is to pay back the Town of Boone for the fronted money that was loaned to the DBDA in the fall of 2011 to purchase the old theatre that was in foreclosure. The theatre was purchased for $624,000.

“Once we pay that back, then we can begin to engage architects,” Bond said, adding that because the majority of the renovations are to take place inside, the restoration process can occur no matter the weather.

Bond isn’t certain if the theatre will open in 2015, yet she is positive that it will be restored and open to the public.

“It’s going to happen,” Bond said. “You can put money on that horse.”

The Appalachian Twin Theater years ago.
The Appalachian Twin Theater years ago.

Bond exclaimed that she has worked on many projects and been on many committees since she moved to Boone in 1971, yet none compare to the work and people involved in saving the old Appalachian Twin Theatre.

“Never in my life have I been on a project that had all the elements: the passion, the creativity, the excitement, the leadership, the money – and all in the same room at the same time,” Bond said.

Wilcox mentioned that once the campaign comes out of the silent phase, then the whole project – the purchase of the theatre and the renovations and monies to run the theatre initially – will be 60 to 70 percent paid off.

“We have a lot of things to worry about, but don’t worry about this,” Wilcox said.

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