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LETTERS / The Republican Party Is Not A True Conservative Organization, But A Controlled Group

Dear editor,

On The Right Side program three weeks ago, June 19th, Mr. Hastings had Anne-Marie Yates, chair of the Watauga County Republican Party, as his guest. From what I could understand, the subject matter centered on recruiting and urging local ‘conservative’ people to join the Party and work for change within the party system. This warped, false idea is, of course, in reality, to manage everyone within a crooked political system and induce them to work for a controlled political faction, which will result in wasted efforts and money spent. Also, on July 10th, The Right Side hosts cautiously discussed the Boone Town Council election, and Anne Marie called in and noted the scarcity of Republican and conservative candidates for the Town Council.     

The reality is that both controlled parties do not want any independent, honest efforts to effect real change towards a return to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and a true free market, free enterprise economy. The attitude of most, if not all, Republican bigwigs is that local and rural conservatives have no other place to go, and therefore, are forced to vote for the Party’s handpicked candidates, who, in truth, are controlled by powerful, bipartisan, urban special interests. Some of us knew this truth two decades ago, and this actuality was again forcibly displayed this Spring when party operatives and duplicitous, prominent party members squelched, with the help of neo-con Virginia Foxx, an independent nomination and motion from the floor. As Mrs. Foxx proclaimed,“There will be no dissension!” ‘So much for working from within for real, effective change. 
However, when facing the public, the county Republican neo-cons will parrot some of our points and phrases in their attempt to dupe voters. On the June 19th program, the host and guest used the term “common sense” at least twice; a term we have used several times over the last many years as we have fought against the big spenders and more taxing county officials of a controlled bipartisan coalition. Our genuine efforts to expose malfeasance, profligacy, and conflicts of interests were either ignored or opposed by many within the local Republican Party, which was no surprise. On the July 10th program, “common sense” was again expressed. Considering what this writer has learned over the last two decades, the Republican neo-cons and their true priorities and attitudes were expected.
Mr. Hastings, whom I still have some respect for, mentioned the term ‘progressive’ and remarked that the Republicans and conservatives are the real progressives, which he defined as being for the best interests of all people, etc. However, this writer cannot agree, because politically and socially, the term ‘progressive‘, from my humble research, is, in actuality, defined by contemporary opinion, as ‘progressing’ towards total centralized control–totalitarianism. Progressivism dates back to the early 20th century and denotes a period of social and political transformations, which in my opinion, was definitely not for the best interests of this country and its people; this period was an extension and result of the turmoil and corruption of the late 19h century. This newspeak definition of ‘progressive’ should be the very opposite of what true conservatives and libertarians want.
Moreover, on July 10th, the Republican chairwoman brought up the old WHS property subject, and to paraphrase, ‘the loss of ~300 potential jobs that are desperately needed for the people within the county.’ However, as Republican officials and prominent members know, all too well, whatever jobs generated are given to college students, and this controlled economy, both locally, statewide, and nationally, has intentionally produced primarily part-time, unstable, low-paying jobs and a discouraging underemployment situation. This disastrous economic condition was planned many decades ago, beginning in the “Progressive Era”, to undermine and virtually destroy the erstwhile strong American working and middle class.
Therefore, it is my experiences and observations that the Republican Party is not a true conservative organization, but a controlled group, just as their supposed counterpart, the Democrat Party. And both political organizations, even locally, are pursuing the same restricted totalitarian agenda.

Madeline K. Carter