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The Local Embraces Concept Change with Upcoming TAUK Show, Becoming a High Country Music Venue

By Emma Speckman

Nov. 14, 2014. New York-based instrumental rock fusion band, TAUK, will play at The Local on Howard Street in Boone this upcoming Friday, Nov. 21 . The show begins at 10 p.m. and there will be a $5 cover charge to see TAUK and their opener, local jam band Nomadic.

“I heard through the grapevine that they signed with doing a short tour with Umprey’s McGee which is a really big deal,” said Zak Corsi, a manager at The Local and the person in charge of choosing music acts. “So then to come to a place like Boone first and kind of pack out a house like this will be awesome.”

The band will indeed be joining Umphrey’s McGee for seven shows on their 2015 tour, including one in Asheville in February.

The opening band for Friday’s show, Nomadic, formed in Boone and recently relocated to Asheville.

“Nomadic is really excited about where TAUK is going lately,” Corsi said, “TAUK is on the rise for sure, they’re getting really big.”

The upcoming TAUK show exemplifies The Local’s effort to change not only the name—it was “Char” until this summer—but also their image.

“Mostly we were doing all that late-night DJ scene, so when the concept changed we also strayed away from the club, thug music,” Corsi said. “We are definitely looking to move toward becoming a music venue in the area. There was a bit of a stigma that was developing with the name Char, you know, that we didn’t really like embracing as much as we like embracing what this new concept means to us.”

Corsi, who has worked in the building for two and a half years and witnessed many of the changes, said the shift also shows in the restaurant’s expanded food and beverage options.

The bar now offers a rotation of more than 10 North Carolina beers as well as expanded gluten free, vegan and vegetarian menu options that were not available when the location was still called Char.

“We’re really, really indulged in this local scene,” Corsi said, “It’s not a just a name change, it’s really a concept change as well.”

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