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The High Country’s Torrential Downpours Let Up Just in Time for the Annual Blowing Rock Parade

Video by Ken Ketchie

by Madison V. Fisler

July 8, 2013. The Fourth of July Parade in Blowing Rock, held Saturday, July 6, is an annual event that happens every year, rain or shine. And this year was no different.

Many worried that the torrential downpour that the High Country has experienced for the past few weeks would deter the event, but the town pushed forward with their yearly tradition.

Just as the parade was about to begin, the rain abruptly halted, allowing the procession to go on without getting everyone too drenched. And then as abruptly as it stopped, at the finale of the parade the rain began to fall once again. 

In spite of the weather, the street was lined with spectators excited to see what this year’s parade had in store. Many clutched umbrellas or took shelter under rain coats to watch their favorite summertime event. 

Did you miss out on the fun? No worries, we have a video for you so you can check out what you missed.